Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Scummer

Welcome to the Scummer:
A collection of gaming content for both Starport Scum and Dungeon Scum.
The focus of this pack is to add new gaming content: Ideas and gadgets that can be put right on to your gaming table.
Included are:
*3 new magical treasures for Dungeon Scum.
*3 new technological gadgets for Starport Scum.
*A new Job for Starport Scum.
*Totally-not-Jedi powers for Starport Scum (though they could be used in Dungeon as well)
*4 new monsters usable in either game.
*Two new player character races for both games.
*Gaming advice on setting up and running "Scum" scenarios.
*10 somewhat zany instant plot ideas for each system.
Where previous expansion packs have focused on variant rules, options and new systems, this is aimed squarely at gaming content that can be put on your gaming table right this second.
We've labelled it Issue 1 to open up the possibility of future installments.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Dungeon Scum. New adventure location

How do you feel about giant frogs and poisonous swamps?

Frog Pond Vale gives you 20 new encounters to work through, in your games of Dungeon Scum.
It can be slotted into almost any campaign with little prep work and should give a new party some stiff challenges to overcome.

Converted Army List available

Unity Field Agent players can go forth and find the army list for the "Converted" ready to purchase.

This follows the philosophy and structure of the existing army lists, and allows you to field cyborg troopers that are definitely not inspired by the Strogg from the old Quake games.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Unity Field Agent: Rules clarification

The "Accurate" weapon trait applies even to shots made while on Watch.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Generate fantasy character background with a card deck

Today, we're catering to both fantasy war gamers, role players and solo players with the Fantasy character generator.

With this and a simple card deck, you can quickly establish an unexpected character background in a few minutes.
Perfect for GM's, solo players and people interested in adding an unexpected touch (or challenge) to their role playing character.

It's intended for a fairly "D&D" style fantasy world but could easily be adapted to a variety of other systems and settings.

You can grab it here for 1.99.

I've included the two examples from the rules in this blog post, to help showcase how it could be used:

Example 1:

In the Structured Method, we draw four times from the card deck and receive:

7 of Spades, 8 of Clubs, 3 of Hearts and Jack of Diamonds.
Scholar, Patron, Upheaval, Nomad.

We’re drawing our cards before setting up any other aspect of the character.

Our nomadic tribe, known for raiding and pillaging the borderlands eventually met its match when the knights of the Realm carried out a punitive expedition.
Our character was captured and raised in captivity, where our adopted mentors came to realize we had a keen intellect despite our modest origins.

We befriended one of the senior members of the order, who values our characters reliance on rational thought and insightful analysis. 

As a result, our character is a modest-ranking member of the order, with conflicted feelings about their place in the world and the nature of their order.

Example 2: 
In the Chaotic mode, we draw 4 cards and apply them one at a time in a time-line fashion.

The first draw is the King of Spades: Covert.

Our characters origins are shrouded in mystery but as far back as we remember, we’ve been performing actions of infiltration, spying and occasionally even assassination.

The second draw is the 5 of Clubs: Rural.

A mission went wrong and we opted to take refuge in the country-side where less old enemies might be able to track us down.

Third draw is the Ace of Diamonds: Upheaval.

Turns out it didn’t work. We never quite shed our past and one day it came knocking. Armed men looking for us meant we couldn’t hide any longer.

Final draw is the 3 of Diamonds: Mystery.

As we fled the scene, we slipped and were carried down a raging river, barely surviving.
As we lay, half-conscious, we had repeated visions of a young noble man beckoning for our help.

As we came to, we knew we needed to square with our past, kill the men who had threatened the villagers and find out who the young man is. 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Unity Field Agent expansion pack list

Expansion 1 - Squad Mode Deck
Expansion 2 - Unity Grunts army list
Expansion 3 - Precursor Exiles army list